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(Screen Size Ø 400mm)

Screen:- Antiglare hard glass screen, graduated & rotatable through 360° having least count 1 minute of an arc. Provided with four clips to hold overlay charts and drawings.
Mirrors:- Optically true with surface hard coated to ensure optimum light reflection for best image contrast, long life and edge to edge sharpness on the projection screen.
Contour Illumination:- Contour Illumination is provided with a 24V/150W halogen lamp having a built in condenser system. The illumination can be adjusted through a solid state transformer.
EPI-Illumination:- A Specially designed 12V/100W halogen light ensures uniform surface illumination system for the above. This provides shadow less light on the optical axis for inspection of cavities etc.
Electrical:- Mains input 220-240 volts AC having built in transformers, On-Off Switch, variable intensity controller for both illumination system, indicator and glass fuse.
Accuracy:- Projection accuracy ± 0.1% for contour illumination and ± 0.15% for surface illumination.
Screen Size:- 400mm
Lenses:- 10x Objective (Standard)
Work Stage
Over all Size:- 300mm x 200mm
Cross Movement:- 150mm x 100mm (without measuring units)
Measurement:- By fine zero adjustment micrometer head 0-50mm.
Least count:- 0.001mm
Standard Accessories:- Supplied complete as above, with standard multilayer coated objective, spare bulb, a vinyl cover and operating instructions manual.
Optional Accessories:- Objectives 20x and 50x, V-Block with clamp, Swivel Center Support Holder, Digital Readout System, Digital Protractor, Work Stage, Calibrated Glass Scales, Standard Overlay Charts etc.