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(Screen Size Ø 300mm)

Compact light weight Table top with easy operations. 300mm diameter screen with 90 cross line and chart holders. Screen is graduated to 360 with vernier reading 6 minutes. Projection Light Source with 24V / 150W Halogen Lamp. Double Oblique Light source for Surface Illumination throught 10 watt LED bulbs. Focussing can be adjusted manually by hand wheel. High Quality objective lenses. Optical distortion below 0.15%.
Standard magnifications : 10x, Optional : 20x, 50x and 100x. Measurements available through Manual or Digital Micrometers. Optional Work Tables for Micrometer Heads and for linear scales. Cooling by built-in noiseless and vibration free fan. Available in 110V or 220V through low voltage transformers. Supplied complete with operating instruction manual. Optional Cabinet base metal stand.

  Contour Illumination Surface Illumination
Magnification 10x 20x 50x 100x 10x 20x 50x 100x
View Field Diameter 30 15 6 3 30 15 6 3
Working Distance 65 32 12 5 65 32 12 5

Model No. RPP-3000 RPP-3000DM RPP-3000DR
X-Y Range 50x50mm
(with the use of gauge blocks)
(with the use of gauge blocks)
(with the use of gauge blocks)
Effective Table Area  125x125mm  125x125mm 275x180mm
Measuring Unit Micrometer Heads° Digital Micrometer Heads° Built-in Linear Scales
Resolution 0.01mm 0.001mm  0.001mm/ 0.00005"
X-Y Counter No No Yes
Digital Angle Counter No No Yes
Optical Edge Detector No No No
Rotary Measuring Stage Yes, Stage Glass dia.
Yes, Stage Glass dia. 70mm Optional
Table Type & Size Al. 150x150mm Al. 150x150mm Al. 300x200mm
Maximum Workpiece height 125mm 125mm 115mm
RPP-Software No No No
Dimensions/Weight 45x82x112cm /75 Kgs. 45x82x112cm /75 Kgs. 45x82x112cm /95 Kgs.